Namaste! Since two years, Irena and I live on our 3 hectare farm in the small village of Jablanica, near Sevnica. Our place has a one hectar orchard, about 2 hectares of meadowland, and one hectare of forest. After having travelled for over 6 years I (Pieter) decided to return to nature and to aim at living a self sufficient life. As I was born and raised in a Belgian city (Gent), it goes without saying that after two years I am still learning a lot about life on the countryside. People who feel like visiting our farm will be invited to help not only with season related work (such as cutting the grass on our meadowlands, wood gathering from our forest, maintaining and improving our permaculture garden, fruit tree trimming, etc..), but will also find an environment to relax and enjoy nature. Irena and I are both licensed Sivananda yoga teachers so if you decide to stay with us for a while, you will get the possibility of receiving free yoga and meditation classes, or to dig deeper into all aspects of Yoga philosophy in general. However, all this is optional and will of course never be imposed upon our guests. It's a part of our lives that we wish to share with others, if they desire so.